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Style TC-15; Movement #109-053; Pack # 2701; Tempus Fugit; Shinny Walker;  This is all the information that I can see on the clock.  Was told that it is a Grandmother Clock.  The manual I have says Hamilton Classic Floor Clock.  I have looked and read the manual and still cannot get the clock to chime.  There are 2 small black bars up by the chime movement that were up against the gold rods that flip back away from the these gold rods.  So i figured those are the bars to stop it from chimming.  So they are moved out as far as they can be. There is a small black "wire loop" behind the bars and in by the clock movement, that when pushed up moves the gold bars to chime when done manually?  Help please

I'm not 100% sure what you are describing so I'll tell you what the parts are and we can go from there.
you have:
Chime Rods that are struck by hammers
Hammers that strike the chime rods

And I think you are saying that there is a bracket that presses up against the hammers to keep them from "lifting" away from the chime rods. This bracket is to prevent the chime sequence from running.

Did you flip the bracket away from the hammers so they can lift?

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