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Clock and clock parts
Clock and clock parts  

I recently found a cuckoo clock that was not full put together. I was wondering if it was possible for me to fix it  and if so, how. It appears to me that it has all the parts but I am not positive.

From what I can see it looks to be all there. The back cover has a slot at one end that fits into a channel at the bottom of the case. Set the slot into the channel and press the cover onto the back. There is a tab just above the back cover that turns over it to hold it on.
Hang the clock on the wall.
The pendulum hangs from the wire that you see extending into the slot at the bottom of the case. There are two chains that loop through the bottom of the clock. One end should have a hook, the other end should have a ring to keep the chain from going all the way up into the clock.
Hang one weight onto each hood at one end of each chain.
Push the pendulum to one side. If all is good you will hear the clock tick and the pendulum will continue to swing.
Advance the minute hand and the clock should sound the cuckoo on the hour and the half hour.
If you need my help any further let me know of any specific problems or questions you have.
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