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M111 movement
M111 movement  

Suspention Arm
Suspention Arm  
I have this M 111 series movement grandfather clock bought in 1989 from Viking Clock co. through Am. Express. In last couple of years we did not run it but it was always in the main  hall. Yesterday I try to restart it but it doesn't run. It starts and after 3-4 minutes stops. I disconnected chimes and still no go. I checked suspension spring and it looks to me OK. I also checked chains and they look to be in right place. I did not oil or clean any mechanisms. Can tell if chimes are working or not since can't make clock run for any amount of time. Please help. Two images are attached. If I need some parts were can I get them? Thanks for reply.

Hi Max,

I'm not sure what the "111" series is. When I want to know what movement I am considering I like to look for numbers on the back of the movement. . They are usually found on the bottom of the movement....or the lower right hand corner of the movement.

The photos you posted was showing me a Grand mother movement. If it is around 1989 it's as old as my youngest daughter. That was 24 the last I counted. Your clock movement could very well be worn out. That happens at this age.

Knowing these can contact Mark Butterworth at Butterworth Clocks at 563-263-6759. He will help  you know what movement to put in your clock. Find the movement. Find the numbers. Then you can install the movement yourself. Mark doesn't send instruction with his movement. He expects you know what to do...

This is most economical way.

The easiest is to have your local clock maker do the job. They already know all the problems you can run into. will have to pay them for their knowledge and time.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady.  

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