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My Hermle 1050-020 mantel clock is chiming five hours off (two chimes for 7:00, three chimes for 8:00 etc). I've given it several days hoping it would automatically reset to no avail. Any thoughts?

Thank you very much.

Hi Daniel,

This is an easy fix...
Move the minute hand through each quarter hour chime. When you get to the hour chime and the hour strike, count the number of times the clock strikes the hour.

Then move the HOUR HAND ONLY to that number. Do not move the minute hand.
Now the clock and the hands are in synch with each other. This is what you want, the clock to strike what the hands are showing.

Now set the clock to the current time.

You can just move the hands without stopping to the current time. The clock will automatically adjust itself within two hours.

...Or you move the hands until two hours before the current time and go through each chime sequence until you get to the current time if you want the clock to chime correctly after you set it. During these two hours the clock may or may not chime correctly as you go through each chime, but will correct itself on the first or second hour that you pass.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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