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How do I start the chime which chimed until I rewound the clock
and chimes. New England Clock Co mantel clock thanks cba

Hi Carolyn,

Many times older clocks have not been cleaned and oiled on a regular basis. New England Clocks are from the 1970's and a bit later.

When a clock is worn out the pivots of the gears wear into the brass plates of the clock. When  you wind a clock it actually takes the pressure off the gears for a bit. Then the pressure of the spring or weight comes back onto the clock when you stop winding the clock. When the clock gets so worn out the pivot falls deeper into the groove. This stops the clock.

If you have maintained your clock over the years it may need a cleaning and oiling. If you have not maintained the clock then the clock needs to be rebuilt or the movement needs to be replaced. I recommend a new movement if there is a replacement.

You may need to see a professional for this job.

Hope this helps,
The CLocklady

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