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We have recently acquired a Welby 8-Day Westminster Chime Chain Wind Grandmother Clock that was originally purchased by our parents in 1974.  Time is keeping well, but the clock won't chime.  We have already checked and the "silent/chime" lever is set to chime.  Please advise.

Hi Vicki,

1974 is 10 years before I got into this business. I've worked on a lot of these movements.

If no service was done on the clock at all since 1974 then you will need a new movement for the clock. Most expensive

If the right job was done within the last 7 or 8 years you may only need a *~cleaning~* and an oiling. Second most expensive

If nothing was done and you want to just get the clock going until you can get a new movement then you will have to oil the clock. If you learn on the has some good videos on how to oil a grandfather clock...this is the least expensive. Since the clock is really worn at this point just get it going. You can use Mobil One fully synthetic oil. A drop on all pivot holes.

You may have to let the oil sink in a bit before the old dirt will loosen up enough to move. Keep applying pressure the right weight while you advance the hands for every quarter hour chime. Wiggle the gears and apply slight pressure to the weight..... while activating the hands to get the quarter chime to move.

If you get it going then eventually, when the time stops, it's time for a new movement. UNLESS!!!

Unless it is a movement that can not be replaced. Then it needs to be repaired. On the most expensive list again.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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