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bought at auction.There was Viking Clock Co.Instruction book in the bottom for series #111-133 but stamp on back is a #71 Hall supply co. no jewel made in west germany unadjusted. 451-050 85cm--- 70.77it has 3 wieghts. silencing levers are off. chains are ok. Otherwise it keeps good time.When minute hand gets to all quarter hours I can hear a click but it does not follow through.   Thanks  Nick

There are a lot of things that can cause clock chimes to not run.
Be sure the heaviest weight is on the right side as you face the clock.
The next thing to do would be to lubricate the movement. There are videos on YouTube instructing how this is done.
If the clock still won't chime it would take some investigation into the levers and gears of the chime side.  

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