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Hi I just got my mothers grand clock after she died and it's been cleaned and I set it up but for 2 days she just won't run I swing the penjurlum and she runs tick tick but only last anything up to 10 mins I've oiled it what can I do finding it very upsetting as mum always got her going

Hi Zoe,
There are a lot of things that can go wrong when a clock is moved. The first things to check are:
Is the ticking evenly spaced in time like someone marching?
Or, are the ticks uneven like someone limping?

Check the weights: if two are heavier than the third put the heavier ones in the middle and right side as you face the clock.
If this does not get the clock working I would like a photo of the back of the movement showing all of the parts that the pendulum hangs from. (there is a suspension spring at the top, then there is a metal piece called the leader, and a crutch that the leader interacts with).
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