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I have a Schmeckenbecher cuckoo clock that
I am in desperate need for a weight and chain
that was lost and also the pendulum. I am not sure of what the pendulum length was.

On the back of the clock is the following
information. In a label...........

Schmeckenbecher  Stilund Qualitat Style and Quality

626 HSTM  West Germany

There is a circle with 22 in it... stamped on the back

7 95 carved into the back
(which would be the date I imagine)

In addition there are 4 words stamped

Rosen Auf ______ ( cant make this one out)
Slider or Sliden

Of the 2 weight I do have

#1.  measures about 4 3/4" long maybe 4 7/8"
from very top to very bottom.

About 1" diameter. and
has the number 275 on the 2nd row of scallops.

Below that is another  number or letters.
B U or B II
This was the middle weight.

#2. measures the same 4 3/4" long, maybe 4 7/8"

About 1 1/8" diameter and has what looks like the
number 23? with the same BU below BII

This weight was the right hand looking at the clock.
And is heavier then the one removed from the center.

It has the carved bird top and is all brown.

EXCEPT... there are colorful twirling
children ( 2 boys and 2 girls)  that circle before the
cuckoo comes out the little door.

I do have a picture which I could email to you, I just do not know how to attach it here.

Can you identify this clock and advise where I might obtain parts?

You have two mismatched weights. In every cuckoo I know of the weights would all be the same size, shape and weight. The clock should use enough weight to make it run properly but no more than that (excessive weight can cause it to wear out prematurely).

Your weight with the 275 on it should be about 275 grams. I would like for you to weigh the heavier one and tell me what you have. If it's 320 grams it's quite OK but if it's more you might want to replace it.

Regarding the chain; would you please measure out 12" of chain, count the links in that 12" length and tell me what you come up with.
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