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In 1982 my wife an I bought a Trend grandfather clock . Model 0943. The clock has been in storage for the last ten years. recently we cleaned the unit up , levelled it and reattached the cable weights acording to their marks. (CLR) Since then the center weight decends normally , but the other two weights do not move at all. The clock keeps perfect time but there is no chiming. I suspect this is because left and right weights are not decending.  Can you tell me how to fix the problem?

Hi Michael,

First check to see that the heaviest weight is on the right. That is the 15 minute chime train. If the clock doesn't chime it will not strike the hour.

Next check to see if there is a "Chime On/Off" lever. Make sure the chime lever is on "chime" not silent.  

When a clock sits for a long time the old oil gets hard. Oil attracts dust and that dust makes a dirt in the pivot holes of the clock. The dust/dirt also gets hard too.

Since the clock has 20 years of time keeping under it's belt there is a good chance that the pivot holes are worn a bit....that is if you haven't had the clock cleaned at all. 10 years of sitting has solidified the oil in the pivot holes.

Oiling the clock will help loosen the old dirt and oil. BUT THIS WILL ALSO CAUSE THE CLOCK TO WEAR out FASTER.

You have a choice. You can contact a local repair person to come in and clean and oil the clock. That will be a few hundred (300 - 400) dollars if they take the clock apart and put bushings in the worn holes.

Or they can oil the clock for a service call fee.

Or you can oil the clock yourself and let the clock wear out. When it is completely worn out you can put a new movement in it. A new movement for a typical weight cable driven Westminster chime clock is about $600. Triple chime clocks may be a bit more expensive.

Oiling your clock may give you a few more years of service out of the clock but without removing the old dirt it will wear out the clock.  

You can use Mobil One or I found a Valvoline lighter weight FULLY SYNTHETIC oil. One drop of oil on each pivot hole.

Look up youtube videos on how to oil a grandfather clock.

Spraying it with WD40 only causes the entire movement to have dust stick to it and it gets gummy.

How much you value this clock will depend on the type of service you decide to have done.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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