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QUESTION: I have a small 7.5 inch high wood cabinet clock that has a wind-up clock.  The face says West Germany on it.  The clock mechanism is J. Hauser N0101 Jewels Unadjusted.  The clock works - however I am missing the weight that goes on the clock mechanism.  Can you tell me how to replace the weight?  The clock runs very fast as it is without the weight.

Thank You!


ANSWER: John, I believe you are referring to the pendulum bob.  It is what regulates the time.  Clock movements are made that look the same but are geared differently for use in clocks that are designed for different pendulum lengths.  Also the bobs will sometimes have a rating nut at the bottom of the bob to adjust the speed.  Others are set with no adjustment because the adjustment is made on a mechanism in the movement.  I will need to know a little more information than just the name, J. Hauser.  The rest of the description actually is written "NO (0) Jewels, Unadjusted.  This was a result of certain countries having import laws so they could put a tariff on precious jewels (which you don't find on many clocks as they are inexpensive man-made commercial jewels).  Also the "Unadjusted" had to do with laws governing certain labor taxes if done or not done in another country.  As I do not have enough information on your clock movement to recommend the correct pendulum and/or bob, would it be possible for you reply to my shop email address below with a clear photo of the back of the movement?  Then I'll see what I can find.

John Newman
Old Prattvillage
Prattville, Alabama

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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Newman,

Thank you for your prompt reply.  Yes - I believe that is what I am
looking for.  I see what you are asking for - however there does not
appear to be a great deal of notation on the engraving.  Perhaps you can
make more sense of it.  I have attached a few pictures of the clock and
the mechanism.  I have more pictures of the back if you need them.

Thank you for your assistance.



John, thanks for the good photos.  I had requested that you send them to my shop email address, as I sometimes do have problems pulling more than on photo on the Allexperts Website and I can no enlarge them, as I have to copy, save and go back to get a closer look.  Also, when I have parts that are readily unavailable from other sources, I can discuss the details, whereas I do not do that on Allexperts, as that forum is for advice only and not sales or service.  However, I do have an answer for your.  Look up any clock supplier such as Timesavers, R&M Imports, Merritts, Mile High or Ronell on Google or a similar search engine.  Most suppliers now have On-line catalogs.  One example is Timesavers.  They have a Novelty Pendulum-Miniature P/N10289 that would fit your clock.  I have 3 of the movements like yours that I bought in a box of small clocks.  I need to order the pendulums myself, as I am out of stock.  Some of these companies, including Timesavers, has a minimum order charge.

I hope this helps.  If you have any more questions, get back with me.

John Newman
Old Prattvilliage
Prattville, Alabama

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