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german clock  
I have inherited a German clock with a dome.  The dial is porcelain and has 2 initals at right under 12 o'oclock SM.
the S is written over the M.  I was wondering what those initials mean. Any information about this clock would be greatly appreciated.  I am wondering if it is worth repairing.  Thank you.

Hi Anita,

I don't know off hand what the S M means. However this is a nice clock. This is called a 400 hundred day clock or it's alias is "Anniversary Clock." It is wound once a year hence "anniversary" clock. You can do an online search for more information on this clock.

This clock is a little different from the more common 400 day clocks. Yes, I think this clock is worth having restored. My usual fee for cleaning, oiling 400 day clocks is $200 plus any parts. Parts would include the suspension spring which holds the ball pendulum and a mainspring if needed. Hopefully you can find someone in your area who has reasonable prices and the knowledge to repair these clocks.

If you need a repair person for N.J I can ask the clock group I belong to.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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