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QUESTION: I own a Tempus Fugit 1977 Mantel clock and the bottom spring is sprung. I took it to a clock shop and was told that it would cost $400 to replace the mechanism and that it wasn't worth repairing. On the back of the mechanism, it reads, 77 Cuckoo Clock 341-022 35cm_112. If I replace the mechanism, does this depreciate the value of the clock? Is it something that can be repaired? It has never been serviced in anyway and has been working perfectly for 36 years and has been in my family. The clock shop which it was purchased had been in a fire and I remember my dad sanded, replaced the glass, and redid the varnish. It still has some char marks on it and the ornate details of the clock are slightly curled from the heat of the fire, but I think that adds to its charm. I would appreciate your opinion. Thank you.

ANSWER: please re-check the # on the back ---should be -20   -21   or  -23    NOT -22???

when you try to wind the middle (this is the "bottom" one??)spring what does it feel like?

what is "sprung"  does it get tighter when you wind but does not click as you wind it and does not retain winding but goes back? or keeps spinning but does click?

if there is no real damage to the mechanism when it sprung then the repair is simple and can be does for a LOT less.

give me more info and we can help I am sure   

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm sorry, it is a 20 on the back. It is the bottom winding spring that I am having trouble with. It clicks a few times getting tighter and then it sounds like it uncoils very quickly backwards.

spring in the barrel is most likely broken. if no teeth were bent when it let go(probably not)

then the entire barrel with the spring in it can be replaced easily
by a pro OR by a mechanically inclined clock owner (I will walk you through it)

the spring itself is only $9 but takes a bit of skill to install

new movements cost $275 or rebuilt less:

the value of the clock will not hurt the clock's value

most old clocks are not "worth" repairing if a pure profit is the motivation, but most are worth a lot to their owners for many other reasons and NO repair person should make a statement like "it wasn't worth repairing" without explaining fully what is ment.

You might go back to the repair shop to get a quote on just replacing the "time" spring or that barrel assembly?

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