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my clock strikes not on proper hour.  I can turn the hands to the proper hour and turn the battery on I guess at the proper time to make it work.  I have a question -- there are two buttons on the back of the clock -- one red and one black.  the black one sounds a beep when pushed but the red one is silent when pushed.  What is their function??  Thanks,

It sounds like you got your chimes synched to the hands but you are wondering what the buttons do. If that is the case you might not want to start pushing buttons until you need to after changing a battery or the hands get off from the chime for some other reason.

I searched the internet for instructions but nobody seems to have a firm handle on how these clocks are set and I could not find a posting of the factory instructions.

I have set these before while my customers had the original instructions in hand. Without the instructions I'm going to have to guess based on my vague memory of how it went.
One of the buttons might reset the clock to 12:00.
One of the buttons might advance the chime one full hour.

On one posting I found the user counted the chimes that the clock did then pulled the hands off and put them back on pointing to the time the clock chimed. That may or may not be an option for you but I thought I would put it out there.

If I can find more information I'll revise this post.
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