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Hi Kenneth,
I just purchased an iron Ansonia mantel clock at an antique shop. We think we got a good clock for $60.00.
I would like to find out what year this was made. The movement is stamped Ansonia Clock Co, New York. Pat. 1882
Stamped inside the top of the case is the number 130.
We're working on the clock, it need a pendulum and needs a new face and bezel. Also, have cleaned and oiled the mechanism. It's running strong.
Also, we're curious about the material the face is made of. Can you shed some light on that also? The only material I can compare it to would be cardboard. I'd send a picture but don't understand how to do that.
 Thank you!

between 1882 and 1900 probably

the bezel is missing??

dial is paper glued to metal like this?:
unless the dial is really awfull- leave it - the value of the clock being original is important and after all it is 110-120 years old!

do you have the wire hanging own that the pendulum would hook to? (I presume)

maybe this one?:

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