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After having spent a few years working in the UK, I purchased a beautiful Grandfather Clock as a keepsake. Name on the dial: Thomas Berne.
3 Weights on  brass colored chains. Choice of 3 different chimes every 15 minutes. Striking once at Quarter after the hour, Repeating x2 at 1/2 hour, x3 at quarter to and x4 just ahead of the hour. Main strike reflects the hour. Excellent time keeper. Worked AOK for 13 years.

Now the quarter hour chimes have stopped. Nothing obviously broken. Slight increased pull on the chain has no effect. Hourly strikes still faithfully counting every hour.No visible dust or spider webs.

Can you possibly advise the name and contact details of the manufacturer?

Also the name and contact details of the supplier and contact details of suitable lubricants.

Best Regards

Pieter De Waal

Mr. De Waal, I had answered your question and evidently it did not go through.  The following is the information I found on the name Thomas Berne.  I don't know if he was a clockmaker.  I checked with my Internet Clocksmiths Group and I received one reply from a member in the UK.  He did not have any listings.  The only clockmaker listed as Berne was in France with another First name.

Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)
Lucas Directory

Carlow 1788

From a General Directory of the Kingdom of Ireland, or Merchants' and Traders' most useful companion,
by Richard Lucas. (Vol. II). Dublin 1788


BERNE   Thomas   Teacher of Mathematics & Land Surveyor   Gurley's Lane

John Newman
Vintage Emperor Clock Consultant
Old Prattvillage
Prattville, Alabama

I forgot the suppliers.  The ones I use in the US are Timesavers, Merritts, R & M Imports, Black Forest Imports, Ronell and Mile High Clock Supplies.  I would choose a medium grade clock oil in a pen applicator and a clock grease in a bellows type grease despenser.  You can Google them and most have On-line catalogs.

John Newman  

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