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Hi, I have a question about an old Howard Miller Morbier clock in a really nice condition. I was adjusting the pendulum. It has the lower thumb nut adjustment at the bottom of the pendulum, I understand how to adjust that and to obtain an even tick tock.

However, at the base of the clock on the pendulum shaft exiting the bottom of the clock body is a thumb wheel adjustment on a horizontally threaded shaft, and the pendulum shaft exiting the clock has two sections. This thumb wheel adjustment adjusts the angle between the two halves of the pendulum shaft exiting the clock bottom. I was wondering what this adjustment is for and how it is adjusted if necessary. I've attached a picture. Thanks very much for your help!

Hi Duane, thank you for the great photos. It is indeed a very nice clock. The adjusting wheel you are referring to is a beat adjuster. You said you know how to set an even tick tock but for the benefit of others who will read this thread I'll give a little background information first.
When a clock is "out of beat" it means that the ticks are not evenly spaced in time. The goal is to get clocks to tick evenly, meaning that the time between ticks (or tocks, it does not matter what the tone of the beat sounds like) is equally spaced in time, like someone walking, the footsteps should be evenly spaced in time. If a clock gets too badly out of beat it will stop.
Here is your answer:   The thumb wheel you show is actually part of the leader (the pendulum hangs from the leader). The beat of a wall clock like yours could be altered by tilting the clock a bit on the wall. If your clock is in beat but it's crooked on the wall you can use the thumb screw to adjust the beat so that the clock is straight AND in beat.
Not all clocks have that thumb screw on the leader. In the absence of the thumbscrew the beat needs to be adjusted in other ways and there are a few different designs and I can't cover them all here.
Thanks for you question. I hope I answered it clearly and completely.
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