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I have a small metal cloche hd-1668 sheng bang clock and the alarm keeps  going off. The stem in back if the clock sets the alarm time but does not seem to have a way of turning it off. I tried to pull or push it but nothing happens. Do you have any suggestions?  Thank you

The problem with the movement is internal. If you want to attempt to repair it you would need to take the back cover off. There are contacts inside that close when the alarm is supposed to sound. I would guess that the contacts are not opening back up after the alarm time passes. Alarm movements are more complicated than those without alarm because of the extra parts needed to accomplish that task. That makes them more likely to fail. As a clock parts supplier, I quit selling alarm movements because we had so many problems with them.
Usually when a quartz movement goes bad we suggest replacing it but I don't know of anyone selling a movement with an alarm feature. If the alarm is not important to you I can help you match up a time only movement to fit your clock.
I'm sorry I don't have better news regarding the alarm,
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