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Hi John,
As a novice, I like to tinker on Seth Thomas Mantle Clocks. I'm proficient with other clocks, but I had a chance to pick up an Emperor Grandfather with what appears to be either a 248 or 273 movement. (1) Even when I adjusted the Pendulum all the way down it still gains an hour over 24 hour period no matter where I place it. (2) When I turn the chimes on, of course they don't chime and (3) The sun dial doesn't work which means only the center weight transcends down. All advice kindly welcome. Thanks very much, Chuck

Chuck, as far as I know Emperor hand no movements with the he numbers 248 or 273.  Look on the back of the movement and you will see some numbers and words.  If you will send me that information, I can identify the movement.  In answer to your questions, if the bob is moving up and down as you adjust the regulating nut, then the rate would have to change.  The most common reasons for a clock running fast could be that the pendulum is not the original and is too short, the escapement is skipping teeth or the hand clutch is slipping, in that order.  

The function of the weights are that the left one (as you face the clock) powers the strike, the center one powers the running of the clock and the right one powers the chime.  The moon dial turns from being activated by a lever or gear that is attached to the hour tube.  The hour tube is the one to which the hour hand attaches.  The strike will only work if the chime is working and completes its hourly chime.  And if the moon dial isn't working, there can ba a misalignment of the lever or gear, or the actuation lever and/or the detent spring on the moon dial can be out of adjustment  

If your movement is the Emperor Model 100M, it is a Jauch 77 which has a history of excessive wear.  Usually the first function to fail on the Jauch 77 is the chime train.  By this time there is more wear on other parts of the movement, and it requires quite a bit of labor to restore the movement to reliable working order.  Most people choose the option of replacing the movement with a Hermle conversion kit.  Jauch is no longer in business.  If the movement is a Model 101M, it was manufactured by Hermle and is their Model 451-050 94cm.  It could need cleaning and oiling, or it could have worn parts, depending how old it is and how it has been maintained.

I hope this helps a little and if you will get me the information on the back plate of the movement I might be able to offer some more information.

John Newman
The Village Clocksmith
Old Prattvillage
Prattville, Alabama  

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