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I need advise concerning the proper way to reinsert one of the Chime rods in my Elgin, Key-wound, regulator wall clock.
 The clock is in good working order except for the missing chime which makes it sound 'wonky' when it sounds the hour and half hour.   I see only an 'indentation' but no hole where the chime should go.  I don't know enough about the mechanics of the clock to attempt to 'force' it up and into place.  
The only identifiers I have found is that it is an Elgin, key-wound,31 day, Korean made, Regulator, wall clock.
 Thank you for any help.

Hi Wanda.

Inserting chime rods usually doesn't work. The chime rod breaks off and you need an entire replacement chime rod assembly. You would have to look at it and order one from a clock supply such as or

I am guessing it has two rods. Usually both hammers hit at the same time rather than a "Bim bam" sound. If both hammers hit the rods at the same time you can forget about the one rod that is broken off and put the other rod back in tone. It will work but it will not have that double tone.  

To put that one rod back in tone you will need to get the hammer to hit on the one rod correctly. If the hammer hits to close to the rod it has that "wonky" noise you hear. To far away and it doesn't hit at all or is too soft. You will need to bend back the hammer so that it hits correctly and in the middle of the rod. The hammer wire is somewhat flexible. Gently bend it in the direction it needs to go in.

If the other hammer is hitting something (which may be the other cause of the "wonk" your are hearing) you may need to bend that hammer out of the way so it hits nothing.

Hope this helps.
The Clocklady  

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