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QUESTION: Kenneth,

My Ansonia clock circa 1900 strikes both the hour and the half hour ten minutes early. It tells the time correctly, but the bongs strike at ten to the hour and twenty minutes after the hour.

What to do? Please advise.

For info, The minute hand is safe to move counter clockwise. I can move the hour hand if if have to to fix it, but I am afraid to move it counter clockwise.


ANSWER: The minute hand is NOT safe to move counter clockwise

you can move the hour hand if needed-moving it turns nothing inside the clock

is the minute hand held on by a round nut or a tapered pin and washer?

if you remove the minute hand, does it have a square hole in it?   advise

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Kenneth,

The minute hand is held by a nut that has a round hole in the middle, but whose perimeter is hexagonal, for easier grasping. The hand has a rectangular hole in it. When you hold the hand in a vertical position the longer side of the hole in the middle is vertical like the hand. The shorter sides of the rectangle are perpendicular to the hand.


ANSWER: probably not enough "slop" in the rectangular hole to allow replacing the hand back pointing properly and then tightening in that position with the nut? if not you need a pro for inside adjustment in the mechanism

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Kenneth,

I am able to loosen and tighten the minute hand so it moves again. How do I proceed to get the bongs in synch? Should I let it bong, the loosen the minute hand so it doesn't move for the ten minutes. Then, maybe I tighten it when the actual time comes in ten minutes and tighten it again?


Trying very hard to understand.

bongs in sync---you mean the hour hand is not pointing at the number corresponding to the number of bongs the mechanism does on the hour?

the rectangular slot in the minute hand normally fits over a similar rectangular tip on the handshaft --so you cannot make any progress with not having it move and then putting it back on because the shaft will have moved in 10 minutes and you cannot put the hand back on except where it fits the shaft.

If the slot in the hand is so large and sloppy that you can fit it on the shaft and position it forward or back 10 minutes - then moving it as far forward as the slop will allow and then tightening the nut will solve your issue.. If not and the slot in the hand is parallel with the hand itself (and turning it over changes nothing) then an internal professional adjustment is needed.

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