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Hello Marilyn, I am hoping the your could please assist me. My very good friend has just given me a Tempus Fugitive grand Father/Mother clock  it looks the same as the picture on the previous photo . 6foot high with 3weights such a beautiful piece. Keeps excellent time dings once on the half hour but on the hour for example at eight a.m it only dings five times then at say 10 a.m it will only ding 7times how can I correct this matter.  Am hoping u are able to help me.
Thankyou kind regards Sue Ashman

Hi Sue,
That's an easy fix. Take the hour hand ONLY. Do not touch the minute hand. Move the hour hand to the number that the clock is striking. If the clock is dinging 5 times then move the hour hand to the number 5. Now the clock and the hands are both saying the same thing. The hour hand just moves around on the arbor. When you are done push the hour hand back towards the dial to snug it up a bit.
Then set the clock to the correct time.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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