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HI Marilyn.

This may be silly, but important to me.

I have a Gager GU 168 quartz clock,
and a wheel had come loose in the housing.
When I opened the housing, the assembly fell apart
into its constituent parts of wheels, etc.
Nothing is broken.

Is there a diagram showing how to put it together,
from the bottom up, so to speak,
like they do it in the factory?

This is a cheap mechanism from China,
but I happen to like the Roman numeral facing,
so if you could help, I would appreciate it muchly.


Hi JP,

We don't usually repair quartz movements. We replace them. has a lot of quartz movements to choose from.
Here is the page,

Here is their "helpful hints" page to help you determine which movement
is right for your clock.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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