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QUESTION: My clock has stopped keeping correct time and lost the last chime at 12 o'clock. How do I fix this?

ANSWER: Hi Susan,

There is an adjustment on the bottom of the pendulum bob that moves the pendulum bob up or down. Up makes the clock go faster. Lower makes the clock go slower. With grandfather type clocks usually one complete turn for every minute in a 24 hour period should bring the clock closer to the correct time. In other words. if the clock is running 2 minutes fast in 24 hours turn the regulating nut to the left (lower) 2 complete turns.

Set the clock to the correct time and in 24 hours see what difference this made. Then adjust again as necessary.

Is the clock striking 11 at 12 o'clock? Is this just on the 12 or is every hour off? In other words does the clock strike 12 at 1 o'clock? 1 at 2 o'clock? Etc.

If so then just move the hour hand only to the correct number the clock strikes so the clock and hands are saying the same thing. Then set the clock to the correct time using the minute hand.

If the clock strikes every hour correctly but 12 then that is something a professional will need to look at.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The clock strikes correctly for all the times except 12 o'clock.  The clock is loosing hours of time, not just minutes. I have already adjusted the bob, it did not work. Now what?

Have you adjusted the bob of the pendulum as high as you can make it? Till the end of the threads on the pendulum rod?

If you have already done this then you will need professional service for the clock.

If the clock is over 20 years old it may be time for a new movement or a complete overhaul.

There is nothing you can do about the striking on the 12 without me writing a book about clock repair.

You will need professional service for all the problems. Sometimes it's just time for the professional. Sorry I can't be of more help for you. To fix your problems will require removing the hands and dial and removing the movement to make adjustments to the movement itself. If the clock has worn pivot holes that needs a complete overhaul.

The Clocklady  

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