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How can I be sure I get the correct replacement? Do the old hands fit on a standard movement, and how do I obtain one?

The correct replacement of a quartz clock is the length of the hand shaft, type of movement (time only, striking/chiming, pendulum or not) and the type of hands.

There are two types of hands. Push on, where the hour, minute and second hand push on to the hand shaft.
Or the "I" shaped minute hand where the minute hand is put on the "I" shaped minute hand shaft and tightened on with a hand nut.

Klockkit has many helpful hints on their page to show you how to determine the type of movement you need and what to measure for.

Once you determine which movement you need you can order from them or search for other places.

If you don't mind the "tick" of the quartz time only movements (Step second hand),rather than the silent quartz movements (sweep second hand) Butterworth Clocks has movements that he says has a stronger gear in them that will last much longer than others.
(563) 263-6759.

You may just want to see what your local clock person charges for the replacement. My fee for time only clock replacements is around $35. It goes up with more complicated movements that chime and/or have pendulums. By the time you start purchasing wrong movements and wrong hands you may be better off having the repair shop do the job. Something to think about.

Hope this helps,
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