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Our grandfather clock is from the mid 80s.  It has just been totally reconditioned before we moved it 2000 miles.  Now it strikes the hour at 45 minutes past the hour.  The Westminster chimes are correct, but at quarter to the hour it bongs the hour it's headed to.

Have no idea how to change this.  I thought it had an automatic correct, but either that's broken or we never had it.  Any ideas?  

P.S.  I'm not at all smart about clocks.

Hi Kathryn,

The clock strikes the hour when the minute hand is on the number 12. It has a large cam that only allows it strike at that place on the hand arbor. This is internal so you can't see it.

Does the clock also chime the 4th quarter on the 3rd quarter too? And then chime the 1st quarter on the hour, 2nd quarter chime at the 15 minute after the hour mark.. and so on? If so....

I think you hands are on wrong.
-There is a hand nut on the front of the minute hand. Take that off.
-Take off the minute hand and put it at the number 12 when the clock is striking the hour.
-Put the hour hand on the number the clock just struck.

In other words put the hands where the clock is telling  you to put them.
You may have to loosen and tighten that hand nut so that the minute hand has the clock chiming directly on the quarter and not a minute before or after. Usually there is play in the hands and you may need to adjust it a few times to get it exact.

Then set the clock to the correct time.

Let me know if this works.

The Clocklady

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