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I have a Sligh oak wall clock. I took it to a clock store in West Allis, Wi who told me it needed to have a complete new movement at a price of $450 which I did.  She indicated value of clock was approximately $1,200.  Since I received it back the pendulum has stopped three times.  I contacted her and she indicated that it has to be synchronized to keep it moving.  Do you feel this is an honest answer and if so, could you explain how to do this.  This is a two hour trip to the store and would like to have details how to do this.  Thanks

Hi Sherrie,

Most new movements have "self setting" pendulums. You give it a good swing and it should set itself in beat.

I think your clock may have a cable that you wind up. If so sometimes the cable gets crossed over and that could stop the clock.

Another thing to look for:
-Is the pendulum swinging freely in the middle of the hole in the bottom of the clock? If it's rubbing on the case it could stop.
-When you wind the clock does it shift on the wall slightly? This could put it out of beat.

When I get a clock going I put a mark on the wall so that I know if it shifts out of level. Then I can just move the clock back to it's original spot.

Try the things above and let me know what happens. Then will can talk again.

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