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Hi, it is a Hermle Black forest clock with a451-050H movement
94 cm/ 66 there is a #83. I have 3 weights and 2 chains. I have no idea how to put it all together to see if it works. The pengulem seems to be ok. I have no manual so I don't know where to start.    Thanks  Bernie

Hi Bernie,

You need another chain. One chain for each weight.
83 means it is from 1983. Hermle gave numbers until 1987.
In 1988 they started with the letter A.
94cm is the length of the pendulum.
66 is beats per minute.

The heaviest weight goes on the right (quarterly chime). The next heaviest, or equal,
goes in the middle (time) and the lightest goes on the left (hour strike).

A clock from 1983 is an old clock. You'll be lucky if it goes.

If not look up "how to oil a grandfather clock" online.
For your clock you can use any fully synthetic oil, which includes
motor oil. I found a Valvoline 0w-15.
Oil where ever you think you should. You can't make a mistake with a clock
that has this much time on it.

That chain will need to be put on before you add the weight. If it's a side chain you are in luck. If it's the middle chain you need to remove the movement from the case.
Perhaps you may need to call in a clocksmith.

Possibly you can look on line on how to do these things. It will take too long for me to explain in writing.

You can look up any grandfather clock manual on line and get the basic "how to."

Keep me posted,
The Clocklady

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