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QUESTION: John -- I didn't know how to  post a thank you but wanted you to know that I just googled a chime problem I have been having with an inexpensive anniversary clock and found a solution you posted in 2008. What you suggested worked perfectly and was simple!  I was about ready to give up and had tried everything I could think of.  Just wanted you to know that something you wrote six years ago helped me today and probably countless others in the meantime!  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and God bless you!

ANSWER: Christine, you are welcome!  It's nice to hear that my information does some good! The answers for certain problems are usually the same, but I do run across new ones every day.  And you know that Allexperts has somewhere around 5000 volunteer experts in just about any subject you can think of.  I even use it myself.  8>)   I really appreciate your comments, and I hope you enjoy your clock.

John Newman
Old Prattvillage
Prattville, Alabama


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QUESTION: Should probably start a new thread. My cheap anniversary clock works so great and keeps perfect time and sounds so nice after using your advice that I got tempted by a much nicer quartz one (made in Germany by Kieninger and Obergfell) at an estate sale this morning.  Unfortunately, when I opened the C battery compartment, the little metal contact plate toward the back was rusted out and most of it broke off.  The clock looks like it is in perfect condition but without the battery it's a dud! :) Is there anyway to replace that so that the battery can make contact?  I hope this makes sense.  Thank you.

Christine, no problem about how the question comes in.  Good news and bad news on the K & O Quartz clock.  First, the bad news is that if one of the functions of a quartz movement fails, like time, pendulum or sound, it usually cannot be repaired, as the companies offer no diagnostics or parts, and also the labor to diagnose and repair rapidly exceeds the cost of the movement or even the clock.  Unfortunately, they are consdidered throwaway products in today's culture.  These companies also had the movement arrangement custom made, so most of the time a replacement movement cannot be found.  Now, the good news is that if it is a power problem, a wire could be broken and can be soldered back on, and in your case your battery corroded and ruined the battery keeper.  I have repaired some of these clocks by purchasing a battery holder from my local Radio Shack store and wiring it into the ends of the protruding wires or the contacts on the movement.  This can become a little complicated as access to the contacts sometimes requires dismantling the clock to get to them.  Then the battery holder has to be mounted in a hidden place, such as under the base and the wires routed to the clock movement.  It would take someone with mechanical and soldering experience to do this, but it can be done.  Good luck and I hope you can get it done.

John Newman

Christine,  thank you for the nice card that you sent.  I received the clock and all hope is not lost for you.  It is a very nice clock.  Please contact me at my shop email address below and I will discuss some options I have for you.

John Newman
Old Prattvillage
Prattville, Alabama

Note concerning questions not related to Allexperts:  Because of my commitment to answering Allexperts questions within a prescribed time limit and the large backlog of clock work at my shop, I regret that I cannot answer personal email questions on a timely basis, other than Allexperts follow up questions.  I will try to answer these emails as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience.  

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