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Hi  , I have a musical cuckoo clock that starts cuckooing five minutes before the half hour and the hour. When it does this the weight slowly unwinds itself to the floor . but if I interrupt its decent or push it a little past those two trigger points ,the cuckoo will function perfectly cuckooing the correct amount of times for the hour and the music box functions correctly and the stops at the proper time .Until the next five minutes before the half hour and hour and then the cuckoo goes nuts  and just keeps on cuckooing .Perhaps you could give me a idea as to where to look to solve this problem. The movement has the markings R.Lotscher AG Switzerland GM 1884288 1892176 ,it looks a bit like a regula movement.
Thanks for your consideration  Veronica Taylor.

Hi Veronica,

This is difficult to diagnosis without seeing that's going on. About 5 minutes before the hour and half the clock "get's ready" to cuckoo. There is a pin and a lever that stops the gears from moving until it is at the hour and half. That pin may have come out of the gear so it's not stopping the gear from turning. You may have to take the whole movement out to find out what's going on.

Cuckoo's are tough enough for repairman and to try to explain this to a novice is just too confusing for you.

You may have to take it to a professional to find out why. That repair person will have to study it to see why this is happening.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help with this problem you have.

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