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QUESTION: When the clock chimes the hour hand is between numbers (when clock chimes at 2.00 the hand is between 2.00 and 3.00}. How do I adjust?

ANSWER: Hi James,

Without touching the minute hand just move the hour hand to the correct position. You may want to snug it back towards the dial if it feels a little loose. Don't snug it so much that it touches any numbers or the dial itself as it goes around.

Hope this helps.

The Clocklady

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have read not to move hour hand.Should I stop the clock or just move the hour hand counter clockwise?

If the clock were in pieces with the hands off you would let the clock mechanism tell you where to put the clock hands. The hour hand would be on the number the clock is striking. Once all of this is set up it's not good to move the hour hand because then the clock striking the correct number would be off.

In your case you want to move only the hour hand so the clock hands are the same as what the mechanism is saying.

You can move the hour hand either clock wise or not, which ever way is closer. It is pressure fitted on a tube so only the hand will move and nothing in the mechanism will follow it.....
The minute hand is a different story all together.

You do not have to stop the clock. I understand your concern and fear but this is a very easy job to do. I have faith in you. If things aren't right when you are done write back and we can continue to correct the problem.


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