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I am looking for a puller to remove star wheel from Regula - 25  one day movement. In the recent models they are force fitting these wheels & it is difficult to bush / puch the nearby holes during servicing. Request your guidance in this regard.
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If you can get the wheel off by cutting it and using a spare chain wheel with a star that has a screw in it, that would be fine.


Dear Bharadwaj,

I'm sorry I don't know of any gear puller that works for the Regula cuckoo movement. I know someone who made one up just for that purpose. I just replace the movement. If one part is worn so are other parts you don't notice immediately, like the click springs which break and wear.

Every time I try to remove the one of those star wheels on the back plate that lift the
bellow wires I bend the arbor. I believe these movement were designed like that so you
have to purchase a new movement. It is cheaper and less stressful than bushing  these
cuckoo clocks. You also don't want to punch holes in a clock that you have disassembled. Bushings are always best.

If you are going to replace the movement (I recommend this for several reasons) just remove the original cuckoo bird wire since that one is bent correctly for the clock you are working on and put it on the new movement. And replace the new hammer and lifting wires with the old since they are bent correctly for the bellow in the clock you are working on.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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