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I would like to purchase a very high quality mechanical alarm clock.

I am concerned first and foremost with function and reliability. I am looking for something relatively "bulletproof", that will give me decades of service and be worth taking in for repairs rather than simply replacing when problems arise.

Could you recommend brands/models that fit this? I would prefer a new clock (to avoid mistreated clocks or shoddy past repairs) but I am certainly willing to consider older clocks if the model fits the criteria and can be taken in to check for faults.

I appreciate very much any advice you would be willing to give!

Seth Thomas Long Alarm Clock
Seth Thomas Long Alarm  
Hi Tiffany,

After consulting with other people in the field, it is agreed that the mechanical
Seth Thomas Long Alarm clock is an excellent clock. Like all mechanical clocks
it needs to be wound and is ~not~ quartz accurate. But it is reliable with regular
maintenance and repairs.

I know of someone who has one to sell. It needs work but has potential.

If you purchase this clock, as with all clocks, you need to know the condition
of the mechanism. Clocks wear out. If the clock has not been completely rebuilt
or restored in the last 5 years I would pay little for it. It will need a complete
restoration including cleaning, oiling and bushings in worn pivot holes.
A clock repair person would be the best source. A repair person who isn't
afraid to take a clock apart and put bushings and clean and regrease the

Hope this helps.

if you need more information you can contact me via  

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This is for advice only. ~Most~ repairs need a professional. If I can help you with an adjustment that can set your clock back in order I will try. I can not write a chapter on clock repair. I will point you in the right direction and you will have to do your own research on how clocks work for more intense repairs. -No Watches -No Appraisals. Search ebay for past sales for that information.


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