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QUESTION: I am trying to figure our model my Welby clock is so I can get a replacement weight and key.  I have pictures.

I have searched web, google images, ebay and no luck with the clock I have it's a large mantel with 3 spires 2 finals, glass door, a face with roman numerals and numbers. I have pictures

ANSWER: Hi Veronica. I can help you with this but I will need more information.  It's not a weight that you need but a pendulum. I'll need to see the part that the pendulum hangs from. Can you open the door and take a photo of that part?
To determine the size key you need I would like to know what movement is inside the clock. There may be some markings stamped on the back of the movement. Is there a panel that opens up on the back so you can give me that information too?
Thank you for working with me on this one.
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Inside clock
Inside clock  

Inside Clock
Inside Clock  
QUESTION: sorry for the delay, had to have time to carefully take clock a part.  I have inside pictures.  Still unable to find a similar clock.  Hardest research on a clock I have had.  

There are 3 unexplained screw holes in the wood, but a metal piece unsure what this is or was, why the screw holes.

Thank you....

What you have is a Korean clock movement. The two holes in the wood most likely held the gong assembly as I don't see one there. I can see the hammer that would hit the gong but nothing for the hammer to hit. If you want it to strike you need a gong base and wire. I have those.
When you say you need a "weight" I think you are talking about a pendulum. The pendulum would be a simple wood stick with a bob and adjustment nut. The top of the stick would have a piece with a hole in it to hang from the wire that goes straight down the front and is bent back to form a hook.
I have all the parts you need but don't know how long the pendulum stick needs to be. If the glass has a window for the pendulum bob to show through you can come up with a good guess as to how long to cut the stick. If it's too long the clock will run slow, if it's too short the clock will run fast.

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