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QUESTION: buddy of mine came across an odd looking clock with 32 numbers on it in several classrooms of a new school he started working at. I saw an old post on this site from 2007 answering a fellow who had come across a similar clock. He was told it was a calendar clck, but these usually had 31 numbers. I have a picture I want to share to show the 32 numbers and see if we can solve this mystery!

ANSWER: Hi Marcos V,

I had to ask about this clock.
I found the answer fascinating.

I believe it is a clock for a Basketball game.
There are 32 minutes in a basketball game.
That is divided into 4 quarters of 8 minutes each.
If the game is tied at the end of the 32 minutes
the game is played until there is a winning score.

Simplex also has a clock that is an 8 minute version.
I can't seem to upload a photo.

Hope this helps,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for responding.

I got more details from my buddy on this mystery "The clock has 3 hands, a second, a minute, and an hour. It is found in every classroom through out the building. The building is not currently in use. The time is controlled centrally by an atomic clock in the office, so it is not currently in motion. This is at the building that use to be Hulcey Middle School in Dallas. The building was constructed in the early '60s."

As I said I had to ask about this clock since it is unusual.
I asked about 50 members of a group who are usually on line
at most times. Only one responded.  

I couldn't even find a photo of one when I did a search
by myself.

If you find out anymore information please let me know so I can
inform others who may ask... I don't know why they would be in
every classroom if they are a sporting event clock????


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