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I can't locate the minute hand & nut for my "Smiths English Clock Ltd" chiming clock, 3 wind model,Dave.

Finding a hand to fit could be very difficult. I don't think anything made today would have the correct size collet to fit a Smiths clock. The only advise I can offer would be to find a hand with a hole that is smaller than needed and make the hole larger with a jeweler's file.  You need one with a collet that can be rotated so you can adjust it to chime on the quarter hours. You grab the collet with a plier and turn it so that the hand points in the correct direction. If you tell me the size of the square that the minute hand goes on I can help you shop for hands.
We sell assortments of hand nuts that probably have one in there that will fit.
I wish I had better news for you but every manufacturer used different size holes in hands and Smiths has been out of business for a long time.
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