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Do you know where I can get a manual for this clock? It's been in storage for years and it only runs for five minutes at a time and then stops. The chimes work.

Hi William,

You can try this site. It looks like they have manuals.

If the clock has been working for 25 years or more, and it has been in storage for a long time you may need either a rebuilding of the movement or replacement of the movement if there is a replacement available.

Clocks wear out from wear. The dust sticks to the oil and becomes an abrasive dirt which wears the brass plates away. Also the oil sets when a clock hasn't been working and gets gelled which makes the clock not run. It could also be out of beat.

If you like your clock and want to get it up and running again I would suggest you contact a reputable clock repair person to do the job. It may be a bit costly but if the clock is worth the investment I would suggest you do it right the first time then maintain the clock after that.

If you need a clock repair person in your area let me know. I know several from clock repair groups that I am a member of.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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This is for advice only. ~Most~ repairs need a professional. If I can help you with an adjustment that can set your clock back in order I will try. I can not write a chapter on clock repair. I will point you in the right direction and you will have to do your own research on how clocks work for more intense repairs. -No Watches -No Appraisals. Search ebay for past sales for that information.


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