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QUESTION: Clock was part of family estate. Has been maintained in good working order.

The subject model clock when Lever is set on Silent position, does not completely shut off Chime sound.  Chime  will sound on Quarter Hour before reaching a full Hour. Not consistent, some times it will not Chime for a time span of 2-4 Hours.

No Issues when Selecting 3-Chimes, all work and sound correctly. No Issues with keeping Accurate Time.

Appreciate any information you can provide.

ANSWER:  Howard Miller bought movements from at least 3 different German companies. The function of the chime shutoff varies from one manufacturer to another and also can be different depending on the movement model.
Is the silent feature on the same lever that chooses the melody or is it a different tab?
Some movements use a lever that simply pushes the chime lever up and out of the way to make the chimes stop. That's probably the most common one but there are others. It could be that the lever can't move far enough because the tab you move to shut the chimes off is limited by the slot in the face. If you want to check this you can take that tab piece off of the lever arm. That way the arm can move further.
It would be helpful if I could see the front of the clock movement but the face of the clock would need to be removed and that can be a bit of a job.

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QUESTION: Michael,

Thanks for your reply note.  

REPLY: Movement - One Lever is used for 3-Chime Melodies Plus the Silent, all on one Lever. See Face photo.

This Lever does not push-up the chime. See attached photo of Right Side of Movement.

Can send photo of front movement tomorrow morning if needed, have removed Face of Clock several times without difficulty.

Look forward to you reply.


Thank you for all of that information and photos. When the chime selector is moved there is a lever that pushes the chime drum towards the movement or away from it (in the photo it would slide from left to right).  The drum has sets of teeth for each song and there is a blank section for the silent feature. So, when in silent the drum still turns but should not lift any hammers. In the top photo you can see the brass chime drum. Just below that you can see a chrome colored rod that goes from the chime selector to the back of the movement. It has a finger on it that pushes the chime drum. You need to loosen the set screw on that rod and adjust the finger so that the chime drum ends up in the silent (not plucking any hammers) when the chime selector is in the silent position. You may need to try the adjustment a few times to get it correct. It needs to be just right to play each song and silence in the correct positions.
I hope I'm making that clear enough. Feel free to write again if you don't understand.
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