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Dear Marilyn

1 Is it possible to design and Construct a Pendulum Wall Clock where the pendulum can rotate 180 degree?. I. E. Inverse semi circle.

2 Can the pendulum material be a non metal?. Example - Plastic.


Hi Prashant,

I suppose it would be possible if you can get the clock to sit far enough
away from the wall so the pendulum can move.

You are much smarter than I am Prashant. I think you can come up
with a design more efficiently than I can. I can figure out
repairs better than I can designs. Perhaps there is a different
expert on this group that can help you with a design and answer to
your question.

400 day clocks have pendulums that rotate. They are also known as Anniversary clocks.
The newer quartz movements have pendulums made out of plastic.

Mechanical 400 day clocks have steel suspension springs and brass

If you can make a clock that works I would love to see it.

Hope this helps,

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