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In a large wall hanging clock, I need to replace a Sheng Bang HD1688 clock movement. The minute hand is 6 3/4" long with a 1/8" diameter push-on hole and the hour hand is 4 5/8" with a push-on 3/16 diameter hole. It has no second hand. The threaded post is 5/16 inch long and 5/16 inch in diameter. The black housing is 5/8" thick and 2 3/16" square (with room in the clock for a 2 5/16" housing) . The face of the clock is 1/4" thick and the hole for the movement to pass through is 5/16" diameter.

Your help is appreciated,
W. D. Roper

Hi William,
I don't know of any companies selling Sheng Bang movements with a hand shaft as long as yours. The only one our company has been able to get has a 3/16" long threaded portion and it's a pendulum movement. There is no standard size in press on minute hand diameters so I don't know if your hands will fit anything made by another company. It would be easier if you changed it with an "I" shaft movement. This means that the minute hand requires an oblong shaped hole and will be held on with a small nut. So you would be getting a new movement and hands to fit it. Are you opposed to changing the hands?
Also, I think you should use a high torque movement with hands over 5-1/2" long.
Here is a high torque, "I" shaft movement that will go through up to 1/4" thick material:
Like I said, your press on hands will not work. I can help you pick out hands. Do you know what style they are?
And, for size, we measure the minute hand from the middle of the mounting hole to the tip.

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