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Help, again?

I first contacted you May 24, 2014 regarding a wall / mantle clock Iíd bought that was pretty well in pieces and didnít work.  You were kind enough to tell me what parts to get and where to get them from.

Iíve secured another now, it is a Sterling and Noble Clock Company, Westminster Chime, Regulator wall clock.  It apparently fell from the wall and shattered the case into 6 or 7 pieces prior to my getting it although the convex glass nor pendulum glass cover did not get broken.    

The movement is an American made Takane(0)Jewels quartz pendulum movement with chimes.  I donít know what kind of chimes other than there is a WM stamped on the magnet portion of the speaker.  There are 2 white wires attached to the speaker but not attached to the double battery portion that came from the single battery Takane movement.  It appeared the wires had either been broken off during the fall or cut off.  I was able to re-solder the wires to the double battery portion (with diodes and other stuff Iím not familiar with) where it appeared they were originally soldered.

Iíve been able to restore the clock case to what is nearly its original condition, it looks nice and isnít all scratched up.   Iíve been able to get the Takane movement to work and the clock keeps excellent time.  My concern is it only chimes on the hour but does not indicate the hour.  

My questions: 1.  Is this the way the chime portion was made or is there a secret way to set the clock to get it to chime quarter hour functions along with the hour chime and hour notification?
         2.  If this is the way it was made, is there any parts that can be purchased other than the full movement with chimes you advised for repairing my original clock contact?

I want to again thank you for your assistance originally and also thank you for taking the time to review and reply to this second request, youíve been most gracious.

Leonard Keen

Leonard, I received a notice from Allexperts that I had not answered your question.  I have been having glitches with my email server for the last few days, to the point that it completely crashed and I have lost my complete email program.  I am working from another computer and did get the notice from Allexperts. I apologize for the delay.  And thank you for your kind comments!

As far as your movement goes, it looks like you have done an excellent job in getting it back together.  Unfortunately, most of the quartz movements are considered throwaway units, as there are no parts or diagnostics supplied by the manufacturers.  To time to diagnose and service one in a shop would probably cost more in labor than to purchase a new one.  It looks like the hour strike function has failed and that could be caused by a bad circuit or a failing contact.  My suggestion would to be to replace the movement.  If you will send me a photo of the front of the clock and the back of the movement to my email address below, I can probably suggest a couple of replacement movements.  And I thought that the Takane movement was Asian, not American. Maybe I've learned something. I do every day!

John Newman
Vintage Emperor Clock Consultant
Old Prattvillage
Prattville, Alabama

Leonard, thanks for the very good photos.  I did some research on Takane and they do have factories in the US, China and Mexico.  I found a model similar to yours at Timesavers, P/N 30469.  I cannot be sure it is the Takane, but the photo is the same and I do not believe there would be any appreciable difference.  When you replace a movement, the dial thickness has to be known so the handshaft mounting sleeve will match.  Also, the hand mounting can be different.  The One at Timesavers is for a dial thickness not greater than 1/8" and the hands are push on.  Other movements have a choice of handshaft mounting lengths and minute hands that are an "I" type that is held on by a hand nut.  You will have to determine that before ordering.  Also, when we replace a quartz chiming pendulum, we usually select what is known as the Quad.  I have seen some listed as Rhythm.  It has a quality cathedral sounding chime with a selection of four melodies, volume control, auto select night off, etc.  It is P/N 29615 and there are two other models for different dial thicknesses.  It also has the "I" minute hand mount. Other suppliers such as Merritts Antiques, Klockit, Black Forest Imports, R&M Imports, Ronell and Mile High are some of the suppliers that I use.  Some of these companies supply hands either free or at a small charge if yours don't fit.

I hope this helps.

John Newman

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