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Dear Marilyn

Are there Wall Clocks which display numbers as Words instead of numbers. The numbers in Words will have a nice font display.

I. E One, Two, Three, Four etc


Hi Prashant,

I could only find one on line.
This is more of a clock showing the time in sentence form.

If you wanted a clock that shows time in word form with nice fonts
you would have to design one. I can only think that it would have to
be an LED type that is electric.

Or you can make your own dial with a quartz movement in it
and have the hands point to words rather than numbers.

I love to see beautifully made clock movements showing
in their cases without dials.

May I ask why you have so many questions about different
clock ideas?

Although I do have a digital electronics background
I feel far more comfortable with the study of mechanics that I can see.
For me it's easier to see a bent tooth on a wheel than to figure
out what microchip, diode or capacitor is not behaving.

Hope this helps,

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