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I have a 9 tube grandfather clock that was recently repaired.  Before clock was repaired, I could shut the chimes off at night and all 3 weights would come down evenly.  After repairs were completed, the outside weights remain stationary when I shut the chimes off at night.  My question is why won't the weights come down evenly like they did previously before it was repaired?  I have owned this clock for 25 years. Repairman says it is repaired properly.  What is your opinion?  Thanks

There are two types of systems for shutting off the chimes. One will actually stop the gears that run the chimes from turning. In that case the chime and strike weights will not move. Some clocks run all of the gears during the chime cycle all of the time. The shut off merely keeps the hammers from lifting.
I don't know what system your clock has (or had) set up before the repair so can't give an opinion as to wether or not the weights are supposed to move or not.
Frankly, if the weights are not moving the gears are not turning and there is less wear on the movement. The only advantage would be that the clock might look better if the weights are all moving together. Personally I think it's better if the gears and weights don't move unless the clock is striking but it's your clock and your preference is all that matters.

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