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QUESTION: I purchase a 1970 1 76 emperor mantel clock cheap the clock looks clean and intact right down to the plastic cove on balance wheel after check the clock out I find the balance wheel mec is defective and needs replaced  where can I find a new or good working order used balance wheel assembly

ANSWER: Hi Terry,
Can you post a photo of the balance so I can see what one it is? Also, what is the problem with it?

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ballance wheel
ballance wheel  

top view view
top view view  
QUESTION: attach is the balance wheel assembly. its a emperor mantel with a jauch mec the top escape gear shaft has failed.

I'm sure you know that Jauch has been out of business for a long time now. I don't know if any of the new balances will fit your clock but you can look at the ones Timesavers sells:
Another option would be to find a watchmaker (or really good clock maker) to put a new staff on the escape wheel. Watchmaker are especially good at this kind of work so I would start there.  

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