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hi Michael,
I picked up a Harris & Mallow schoolhouse clock yesterday at my local goodwill. the movement has a d-cell battery at the top of the movement.some signs of battery leakage were present. i got that cleaned up. the wires and battery contacts look undamaged.
Looks like an ink stamp on the movement housing says c120.
The sticker on the back of the clock says "Cosmo pendulum movement" along with the instruction on how to adjust the pendulum if it is not keeping time.  this clock does not chime. Is it supposed to?? i also hear the little motor with the worm gear on it kick in about every 8 minutes. is that rewinding a spring to keep the pendulum going? is this normal to be able to hear it? i guess its ok to make a little noise after 30+ years.. if the movement is that old.
the face just says verichron and made in u.s.a. at the bottom of the mention of a chime on face. clock seems to keep time.. great find for five dollars.   thanks

Unless you see some chime rods I doubt if the movement is a chiming type. A movement of this vintage would not have electronic chimes but sometimes had chime rods with hammers. So it would be pretty obvious if it were a chiming movement.
The sound you hear about every eight minutes is indeed a small motor winding the mainspring that powers the movement. The movement itself pushes the pendulum. This is a design used before quartz movements came to be. The principal is similar to that of a key wind pendulum clock movement. Instead of a large mainspring that you wind less frequently (either once a day, a week or a month) there is a small mainspring that has to be wound much more frequently.
I hope that answers your questions.
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