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Pendulum Mechanism Replacement
Pendulum Mechanism Rep  

Pendulum Mechanism Replacement
Pendulum Mechanism Rep  
I need to replace the pendulum clock mechanism in a wall-mounted pendulum clock. The product is manufactured by Youngtown, but there is no model number shown. I'm attaching pictures of the clock. Can you please help me find a suitable replacement? Thank you for your help.

Larry Grand

Hi Larry,

Youngstown is the maker of the movement
I"m not even sure you can get that
movement anymore. There are plenty of

These are two separate movements.
The outer one is for the pendulum.
That works on reverse magnetism. If
you don't have enough juice in the battery
it will not swing.

The inner one is for the time keeping.
Without seeing the hands or any other
size indicators you will need to do a
little research.

Klockkit has many clock movements available.
Here is a helpful hints page that will
teach you how to decide what movement
you will need.

I would first check your batteries for enough voltage.
Far too many times I get clocks in and I test the
"brand new" battery and it doesn't have enough voltage
to run the clock.

You local clock shop may be able to
do this job for you. Many times my customers
try to save money only to order wrong parts.
It would have been the same to see me for replacement
of the movement with less frustration

Hope this helps.

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