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Tochigi Tokei Movement
Tochigi Tokei Movement  
Linden Electronic Clock
Linden Electronic Cloc  
QUESTION: I have a CamelBak Linden Mantel Clock with a Tochigi Tokei movement that plays the Westminster chime on 1/4 hour and full sounds on hour.  The clock movement has worn out and I would like to replace the movement but haven't found a proper replacement.  I would be grateful for any direction in finding the proper movement to install.


ANSWER: Hi Steve,
I don't think that movement is made anymore but there are plenty of chiming movements on the market. Can you take the movement out and post a picture of it? I want to see the front of the movement outside of the case with the hands off.
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Rear Outside
Rear Outside  

Front Movement
Front Movement  
QUESTION: Thank you for the reply.  I appreciate any help or direction you may have for me.  I am posting the movement from outside case.  I did look at the Norkro site but to me, none looked as if they would work.  I purchase this in 1995 if that helps at all from the old Kux Jewelry stores.

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Thanks for the additional photos Steve. It appears that you could use any quartz movement that fits in the space behind the face. Our movement shown here might fit:
It does not have a volume control or a chime shut off. There are many chiming movements on the market if you want more features. It looks like you would want a pretty short hand shaft. I can see how long it is in the photo but it seems to only go through a thin amount of material.
Let me know if you want more help.

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