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I have a Herschedes (Grandmother clock) Model 408, movement no.77442 made in 1928. I purchased enough cable to redo all three drives. The cable was sold on Ebay and was advertised for Herschedes Grandfather clocks, however the cable will not fit comfortably in the winding drum grooves and appears slightly larger than the original cable. Can you provide me with the proper cable dia. and possibly a source for the cable? Thank you.

I don't have Herschede specs but I can tell you that the tubular chime movements use 1/16" cable and that may be what you bought on eBay. Did they say the thickness of the cable in the listing?
1/16" cable would be too thick for a grandmother movement. There are thinner sizes and maybe you need the .040" cable. I would not know without measuring it.
Do you have a micrometer that you can measure the thickness of the original cable with?
If you have no other outlet you could mail me a couple inches of your original cable and I will measure it for you.
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