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QUESTION: The hour hand of my grandfather clock swings completely free 360 degrees. The clocks kepts good time judging by the chimes. Trend clock movement manual shows #109. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time.

ANSWER: Hi John,
There are a few different things that could cause the hour hand to swing freely. Let's start with the one that is easiest to fix.
The hour hand mounts onto a tapered shaft. The further down you press the hand onto the shaft the tighter it will be. Point the hour hand to the hour the clock strikes. Reach behind the minute hand with your thumbs and press the hour hand hub toward the face of the clock. It should become a snug fit.
Let me know if this does not cure your problem.
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Does not fix the problem. I have the minute hand off Andi can not press the hour hand any further onto the shaft. I also found the movement name stamped into the back plate. Hermle Bavarian Clocks. There is the number 79 above the name and 451-050 below the name. Thanks for your fast response.

ANSWER: Either the hour hand is loose on its bushing or there is something wrong behind the clock face. Pull the hour hand off and check to see if the bushing is tight. The bushing is in the round hole, it's usually brass and sticks out the back of the hand about 1/4". Let me know what you find.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Michael for your time answering my follow-up. I have tried several times to pull the hour hand off the sshaft. I fear I will harm the mechanism if I resort to using a small tool to pry it off. It does move in and out from the face about an eight inch but it does not look like it is moving on the shaft. It looks like the shaft is moving in and out. Thanks again for your help.

The shaft that the hand is on should move in and out about 1/8" so what you describe is normal. I understand that the hand is on so tight you don't think you can safely remove it. Sometimes a clock repair person has to use special tools to remove that hand. There is a danger of damaging the clock face and even a couple of parts behind the face.  The good news is that you have a common clock movement and parts are available. If the hand can't be removed the face can't come off for servicing the front of the movement.
There is always a way to do it but you may need a professional at this point.
Sorry I don't have better news,
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