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Hello.  My parents gave me an Elgin Regulator Quartz Pendulum Wall Clock about twenty years ago.  It runs on one C battery. It has not been chiming lately but keeping good time.  I took it off the wall yesterday to change the time for Daylight Savings Time and when I put it back up it would not keep time.  I could get the pendulum to swing freely for a minute or two but then stopped and it doesn't keep time.  I don't think I did anything to hurt the clock but I am sad that it is not working and upset with myself if I accidentally did something to it.  I have even tried several batteries both Duracell and Energizer just to be sure it wasn't a battery issue and nothing seems to work.  Do you have any suggestions before I take it somewhere to have them look at it?  It has a final adjustment button that can be adjusted with a screwdriver--not sure what that does and a reset button--don't know what that does either.  The dial to move the hands is the only other adjustment feature on the back.  Any suggestions you might give would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Hi Nanette,

It sounds like your clock needs to be level in order for it to run.
Make sure the pendulum is not hitting or rubbing on anything.

Then listen to the "tick, tock." It needs to be an even sound
"tick...tock...tick...tock..." Not a tick.tock.....tick.tock....

Move the bottom of the clock to the right or left until you hear
a good even sound. One way may sound worse the other way may sound

If you can't get the clock going you may need to put in a new movement.
Clock movements don't last forever and break down eventually.

If you have any more questions let me know.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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